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**>If you want to post your stories or info for me, please do so on my continuation deviation here: Gay Pride 2 This one has reached the character limit. More information will be added to Gay Pride 2, and please read it as well as this one.

**>If homosexuality is a sin against Nature,
Then heterosexuality is a crime against Humanity.

**>Support gay marriage.

**>If homosexuality is a sin, then so is love itself. (Lonewolfess)

**>God was the one who put gays and such on the world. He loves ALL of His creations therefore He cannot hate us. Hate is sin. (little-miss-anime)

**> In birth there's a fifty percent chance any individual will come out male or female. Why should I limit the person I chose to love to the outcome of a coin flip? (OpeeFomenom)

**>If gays were allowed to marry, the government would benefit a lot more. More money for them......

**>The bible does not say that homosexuality itself is a sin. What it says is that homosexual prostitution is a sin.

**>Back in the B.C. (hehe), Greeks supported homosexuality. Actually, it was considered not only normal, but almost required for a man to have a same-sex partner. Usually it was a boy of 15 to about 22 in a relationship with a man 23 or older. These were completely normal and looked upon as usual routine.

**> There have been many writings of royal kings, queens and others have homosexual relationships along with heterosexual relationships and being entirely accepted for it.

**>Until 324 A.D., homosexual marriages were common in Roman life until emperor Constintius II outlawed them.

**>On October 7, 1998 a boy named Matthew Shepard was in a bar in a town called Laramie, Wyoming. Matthew was 21. Two boys, Aaron McKinney and Russel Henderson, decided to pretend to be gay and lure him into their car. Matthew was very innocent and gullible for a person his age, so he trusted the men. McKinney and Henderson drove just outside of Laramie. Feeling they were safe, they suddenly turned on Matthew. They beat him and took his shoes and tied him to split-rail fence. Almost 18 hours later he was found by a cyclist who had just happened to turn down that road. The man mistook him for a scarecrow untill he saw Matthew's hair. Matthew was taken to the hospital, where he died on October 12, 1998. The attention to his murder was nation-wide. Though Matthew's death was a tragedy, it opened the world's eyes to the fact that hate crimes happen every day, and every town has people who hate.

**>Almost exactly four years later, on October 4, 2002, a seventeen year old girl named Gwen Araujo was at a party in Newark, California. Her supposed friends thought they knew her. She had had sexual relations with many of them. But one of the friends knew something the rest didn't. Paul Merel's girlfriend was at the party. She somehow checked Gwen's genitalia in the bathroom of the house, though the court account doesnt record how. She discovered that Gwen was, in fact, Eddie Araujo, a transgender. She told her boyfriend, Paul, who in turn told Jason Cazares, Mike Magidson, Jaron Nabors and  his younger brother, Jose Merel. They forcibly checked Gwen's genitalia, and after discovering this was true, became enraged. Mike Magidson began to choke her in the hallway.Other guests that had been there began to leave. Once everyone had left, three people began to assault Gwen Araujo. Jose Merel struck her over the head with a frying pan and again with a can of tomatoes, leaving a gash in her head which bled profusely. Jaron Nabors hit her with a barbell weight. Mike Magidson kneed her head into the living room wall. The blow was so forceful that her head caused a dent in the wall. Araujo was taken into the garage of the home, where she was strangled by a rope. (Stories conflict on whether she was strangled by Mike Magdison or Jaron Nabors). She was then hog-tied, wrapped in a blanket and put in the bed of Mike Magdison's pickup truck. They drove her body to a parkland in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada called Silver Fork and buried her in a shallow grave. Almost three weeks passed. Finally Jason Nabors slipped a word to a friend. The friend called the police, a Jason Nabors was arrested. The police were led to Gwen's grave on October 16, 2002. The rest of her assailants were charged for murder and hate crime.

**> In 1993, a young man named Pedro Zamora was on the 3rd season of MTV'sThe Real World. Pedro was an HIV positive homosexual. He was an immigrant from Cuba, and most of his family was still in Cuba. His mother had died when he was young. Looking for a new source of love, he had let himself be taken advantage of by older men. No one had educated him about AIDS. When he was 19, he tested positive for the HIV virus. But he decided to live with HIV. He was an AIDS educator who gave lectures to schools and businesses. He decided to go on the Real World to get a wider audience and prove that HIV positive people are just like everyone else. He did this. While on the TV show, he met a man named Sean Sasser. After a few dates, they fell in love. Both men were HIV positive, and both worked to raise awareness about AIDS, HIV and GLBT people. A few months later, Sean asked Pedro to marry him. Pedro accepted. Only a few years after they were married, Pedro fell ill. Though in the end, he did not make it, he had left a legacy of awareness behind. His friends became AIDS educators in Pedro's place. And they created new foundations for AIDS research and awareness. Pedro's legacy lives on in the graphic novel "Pedro and Me" by Judd Winick.

**> How many people know the real meaning of the word "fag?" Not many. Fag means "bundle of sticks." Why are gay men called fags? Because during the witch hunts and witch burnings, the people wouldn't just use wood to burn the accused "witches." They would also tie up accused gay men and lay them at the feet of the witches, upon the wood. They would then light the men on fire, signifying that gay men were even worse sinners than the "witches." Over half the men and women burned were not gay nor were they witches.

**> Almost no one knows where the term dyke came from. Most people think its those walls in Holland used to keep water back. Those are spelled dike. Dyke is actually the Roman goddess of Justice.

**> Usual we just hear the term 'GLBT,' but there are many more than that:
- Gay: rather self-explanitory. When a male has a sexual or amourous attraction to another male.
-Lesbian: also self-explanitory. When a female has a sexual or amourous attraction to another female
-Bisexual: a person who is emotional and physically attracted to members of any sex.
-Pansexual:A person who is attracted to people of all genders, but does not believe in a dichotomous sense of gender.
-Asexual: not attracted to anyone of any gender.
-Questioning: a person who is uncertain of their sexual orientation, and is giving thought or leaving it unsure.

**> Most of the time we hear the genders "male" and "female," but there are so many more:
-Transgender: those without a specific gender label.
-Transsexual: An individual with a gender identity that is opposite to that conventionally associated with his or her biological sex.
-Intersexed/Intersexual:  person who is born between (inter) sexes, having partially or fully developed pairs of female and male sex organs. Also the term 'hermaphrodite.'
-Androgyne: feeling sometimes male, sometimes female, and sometimes neither.
-Gender Outlaw: A person who defies traditional gender roles by refusing to be defined by conventional definitions of man and woman
- Gender Fluid:- a person who feels like they identify with both male and females, and can fluidly change between them.
-Neutrois:a person who feels as if they have no gender
- Female-to-Male: A transsexual person who is biologically female, but feels as though they are male. Often people who refer to themselves as female-to-male(FtM, F2M) are beginning to go through transition or have already been through transition.
- Male-to-Female: A transsexual person who is biologically male, but feels as though they are female. Often people who refer to themselves as male-to-female (MtF) are beginning to or have already gone through transition.
-Cross-dresser: Not exactly a gender, nor a sexual orientation. It is a person who enjoys recreationally dressing as the opposite sex. Sometimes this infatuation has some sort of sexual pleasure attached to it, sometimes it is just generally entertaining to the individual.

**>The Pentagon still has homosexuality listed as a mental disorder, and has no intention of changing it.

**> States who have legalized gay marriage: Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, Iowa, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Washington D.C.
Countries: Norway, Belgium, Canada, South Africa, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands

**> On May 15, 2008, gay marriage was legalized in California. On November 4, 2008, Proposition 8 banned gay marriage. On May 9, Proposition 8 was upheld by the Supreme court.
Maine voted against same sex marriage in early November.
**>Homosexuality isn't a disease. Homophobia seems more like the disease to me.(Sctiive)

**> At almost every school, students who are gay/are believed to be gay are harassed more than overweight or fat students, and students with disabilities, combined.

**> Most schools do not cover sexual orientation in their anti-discrimination policies. Only nine states have anti-bullying laws that specifically address sexual orientation.

**> Think about how many times you hear the sentences "You fag." "You're such a fag." "That's so gay." "Yeah, it was so gay." Next time your in school, count how many times you hear this. THEN count how many people who say this are your friends.

**> Why is it so wrong to marry the same sex? Isn't it worse to marry your own cousin (incest is a sin in the bible as well) or a man fifty years to your twenty, or marry someone just for his or her money?

**> GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) youth make up over 30% of suicides each year.

**> every 5 hours and 48 minutes, a GLBT youth commits successful suicide

**> Every 14 minutes, a GLBT youth attempts suicide

**> Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are not special rights. They are endowed to everyone and include marriage, too.

**>Many people don't realize how much of a financial problem gay couples have because they cannot be married. Insurance companies do not recognize them as couples. They have to get insurance for themselves, they cannot get it together. Thats a lot of money to pay.

**> Many kids are not out of the closet as gay because they are afraid of looks they will get in the hallways, names they will be called, etc. Why make their life scarier and more stressful than a regular teenager's life is?

**> STRAIGHT PEOPLE- TRY THIS. Imagine you have a deep dark secret. It can be anything, it doesn't matter. Now imagine that if you told people this secret you would be ridiculed, hated, looked at like you are a freak. Imagine how badly you want to tell someone your secret. Imagine your fear of a persons reaction if you tell them your secret. Imagine you tell someone the secret, but it leaks out and soon everyone knows. Imagine people whispering and pointing at you as you walk down the hall. Imagine people staring at you as if your a freak, as if there is something wrong with you. Imagine people throwing their lunches at you or spitting on you as you walk across the courtyard at lunch. Imagine people taunting you with names that hurt you like a bullet. Now open your eyes. Gays go through this every day. We don't have to imagine. For us, its reality.

**> {I'm a bi who wishes she was straight
because i'm sick of hiding, sick of the heartache
and i'm tired of not knowing what will happen
what friends i'll lose next
what words i'll let slip
and what questions i have to avoid answering.} -1337M457312

**>I am the boy who never finished high school, because I got called a
fag everyday.

{I am the child who was born female.
I am the child who just didn't have the words for it. For how he felt inside. And how his body never quite fit. Even at four years old.
I am the boy that loved but lonely and friendless most of the time.
I am the boy who gave up on suicide at eleven just for his mother.
I am the boy who grew up telling himself every single day of his life, "wait a little bit longer, don't say anything, don't act.. Wait..."
I am the boy who -despite all odds- just kept on standing back up.
I am the boy who finally promised to himself, "I will be me."
I am the boy who finally revealed himself to the world not with shame or regret, but nervousness and the birth of a wavering smile and a light that won't go out.
Now, I am the boy who is striding forward, confidently in the direction of his dreams.
I am free.}- fleetfoot

I am the girl kicked out of her home because I confided in my mother
that I am a lesbian.

{I'm the girl who can never tell the grandparents she loves more than anyone that she's in a commited relationship with another girl. I'm the girl who puts up with mean names and hateful looks for my girlfriend. I'm the girl who couldn't do anything when her girlfriend was jumped. I'm the girl who could never marry her girlfriend and stay in her family.}- redruse

{i am the gay kid who is lost, unsure of who or what he is meant to be or do, but worries most about telling his parents.}-garrinok

I am the prostitute working the streets because nobody will hire a
transsexual woman.

I am the sister who holds her gay brother tight through the painful,
tear-filled nights.

{I am the boy who, after realizing I was gay, cried for hours in a shower because the knife wouldn't cut deep enough.

I am the boy who will never get permission to marry his boyfriend because his parents kicked him out a week after he came out.

I am the guy you threw against lockers, walls, poles, ect., for 5 years until I couldn't take it and had to transfer school districts.

I am the guy with the world on his shoulders because so many people couldn't stand the thought of anybody else knowing.

I am the guy who brought his boyfriend to prom and then got jumped in the parking lot.

I am the stereotype.}-winddancer16

{Winddancer16 says: Update: I'm much happier at an alternative school. It's more accepting and I rarely hear the words fag or dyke unless they're people i love kidding around and stuff. It's stopped bothering me as much.
I was told by my dean of students that I shouldn't give tours of my school while dressed in drag because "we don't want to give the impression that this is an everyday sort of thing". It made me so uncomfortable with being myself. But I answered back "What if this is someone's everyday sort of thing?" He was floored and almost sent me home for the day, threatened with dropping me from school for the hexter.
I gave the tour anyway and the woman we were giving a tour to ended up being sponsor of the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) at a local high school. The dean of students never apologized.
Winddancer16 says: I've moved out and am now living on my own. I graduated High School and my boyfriend walked me to the stage for my graduation as my escourt...we broke up...we got back together...we broke up...we got back together...ect...and now i work for a tanning salon...and walked in Denver's Pride parade under my company name and am proud to work for such a supporting company. <3

I am the love you can't feel.
I am the boy you beat daily for years.
I am proud of who I am, and for that,
I am better than you. Period.}

{I am the straight girl who was ridiculed for telling her best friend that she loved her. The best friend that drinks, smokes and has sex daily now.}- Office-Plant

{I am the lesbian who held her ex-girlfriend after her father told her how vile she was.

I am the girl whose girlfriend was terrified to come out until she realized how supportive her friends were

I am the girl who is ridiculed but doesn't care because i am free

I am the girl who will protect my girlfriend from those who don't accept her.

I am loved.}- ForestKittyCat

We are the parents who buried our daughter long before her time.

{I am the girl who confided in my best friend whom i thought could tell me anything, only to be betrayed.}- I-have-a-soul-too

{"I am the boy who is hated by his father, exiled by his church, constantly a worry to his mother, a complete social reject, who has no one to confide in save his closest friend, I'm also the guy who is threatened daily with death in front of teachers who refuse to do anything for fear of "Being pulled into the Gay thing", who is a pacifist forced to either harm others or be beaten and die. I hate being hated ...." )- OdenBell

{I'm the gay boy who was punched in the face by my best friend for telling the truth.}-Pokelova

{I am a straight girl who is disgusted with the hate and ridicule and torment the GLBT community has to put up with because of closed-minded, homophobic, and/or bible-thumping idiots.}-night-wraith

I am the straight girl who has to remind her sister that a man with a mildly feminine voice does not make them gay.

I am the straight girl who laughs when a kid at my school calls another kid a "faggot".

I am the straight girl who gets whispers from her art class when she displays art of an attractive women to her classmates.

I am the straight girl who gets told she's going to Hell by another girl because she has no problem with gays.

I am the straight girl who sometimes feels like a boy.

I am the straight girl who tells people that are intolerant of gays that they are going to Hell because God wants us to love each other.

I am the straight girl who once cried because a child at a psychiatric hospital was sent there by his mother because he is gay.

I am the straight girl who's family would not care if I was homosexual.}-madcowyup

{I'm the girl who got fired from my job because my boss found out that I liked girls, too.}- kimmykontagious

{I'm a bi-sexual girl who is struggling to tell my family. The only person who knows is my bi-sexual cousin and that's because she understands.}- teddy16426

{Teddy16426 says:   I'm doing a lot better. I told my grandma, and she doesnt really acknowledge it, but she doesnt freak out either. I still havent told my grandfather, but the rest of my family knows. When I first came out I got a lot of prejudice from a lot of kids at school, but all my REAL friends stayed by me, and now I have the best friends in the world. My boyfriend is perfectly ok with it, and he loves me for who I am. My chorus teacher has become a mentor for me with it, and he keeps me strong. Things are getting better, and they will continue to. a lot of kids come to me now who are questioning because they know ive been there, and its great to know i can help those kids feel better about themselves than i did.}

I am the man who died alone in the hospital because they would not
let my partner of twenty-seven years into the room.

{I am the girl who has been wrongly accused of assault because I'm a freak. I am the girl who wants to be a boy. I am the girl who has to hold her terrified freinds back from killing themselves. I am the girl who has to hold her freinds back from killing others. I am the girl who if failing highschool because she is skipping classes to prevent the other gay/les kids from being killed in the acloves. I am the girl who will go to jail for protecting a two sixth grade boyfriends from the highschool football team. I am the girl who wanted to end it all. I am the crossdresser that was found ripping her wrists open with her teeth in the boys bathroom. I am the girl who cracked her own skull because the names wouldn;t stop echoing. I am the freak. I am the catgirl.}- ChilliumNitrate-Dead

{i am the gay teenager who cant tell his school who he really is, because he is afraid of what they will do to him

i am the gay athlete who wants to use the locker room, but hears the ridicule of homosexuality just outside the door

i am the gay friend that only has a few people who actually care, but hardly get to see

i am the gay boy that wants to cry when he hears fag, gay, or homo in a way that makes me feel less humane}-dogboi22

{I'm the guy who told his bestfriend that he was a gay, and the only answer that he got was "How long will you be like this?"}- silent-vlaad

{I'm the guy who lives in fear of coming out to his parents because they're hateful towards gays...
I'm the guy who lives in pain of living a lie just to fit in with society...
I'm the guy who lives in a secret because his co-workers make fun of gays and fags...
I'm the guy who stopped going to church because gays are supposedly condemned to Hell...
I'm the guy who is confused by his religion because of hypocrites who don't show Biblical love...
I'm the "straight guy" everyone loves, and the guy they're jokes hurt....
I'm the guy that wants to change the world with his photographs, but won't because he is gay...} -Andrew Hall (supergeek2therescue)

I am the foster child who wakes up with nightmares of being taken
away from the two fathers who are the only loving family I have ever
had... I wish they could adopt me.

{I'm the girl that had to beg her disturbed mother not to tell her dad, afraid he'd kick her out. I'm the girl no one would look at after they found out. I'm the girl that got thrown out of a boat into a lake because she told he best friend she was bisexual. I'm the girl that had to walk home in the rain because her cousin didn't want to be seen with her infront of his friends. I'm the girl who wishes at least once a month that she hadn't been found trying to commit sucide in her bathroom.}~LifeIsSocialSucide

I am not one of the lucky ones. I killed myself just weeks before
graduating high school. It was simply too much to bear.

{I'm the girl who was scoffed at by her teacher when she confided in her she might have a crush on a girl.} - RejectifiedTomato

We are the couple who had the realtor hang up on us when she found
out we wanted to rent a one-bedroom for two men.

{"I am the girl nearly trampled by people trying to confirm rumors, I am the girl terrified to tell my family because I'll end up like my mother, outcast. I am the girl who loves my best friend, and if anyone found out, I would be left on the streets."}-BlackRoseMyou

{I am the bisexual girl who came out to her parents and knew that they didnt get it
i am the girl who cant tell her brother that she has a girlfriend because he's a homophobic twat
i am the girl who has to stop holding her girlfrind when her parents come in coz they dont know about her
i am the girl who doesnt care what they think
and will stand up for me and my friends forever
and never give up
and always be proud}-piano-flames

{I am the girl who fell in love with her best friend and then lost her because of the ridicule and hate people were too afraid to speak to my face and said to her.}- YoPuPPieS

{i am the girl who, at the age of 9, asked her mother if it was okay to be gay. she replied, "if that's what makes a person happy, of course it is."}-Guitargrl131

{i'm a lesbian and i hate having to hide but i feel like i cant tell my parents, they are huge religious mormon people and i feel like they wouldn't accept me. i don't really care what the school thinks, they can all go die, there is way tomany hicks and hillbillys here for my taste, but my parents are the ones i'm terrified to tell.}-xxx-Momo-Shikiro-xxx

{i'm the girl that has her parents make fun of bisexuals and gays and are way to afraid to tell them"}- lid009

{Im the Bi guy that is scared by the dead memories of his father saying him that if I were gay, he'll leave me to die hanging upside down from a tree.}-cacai230

I am the person who never knows which bathroom I should use if I
want to avoid getting the management called on me.

{I'm the girl told by her own parents that gays are going to hell.

They don't know, and hopefully they never will know, that I'm dating the girl across the street.}-azamystic

{i am the guy who after withstanding atmospheres of pressure and stress will either succumb and die or rise above it to a happy life in 3 months when i tell my family and anyone else who asks me that i like guys}-superblooper123

{I am the girl who was told that it was fine to be gay but bi's are just greedy and confused.
i am the girl who walked away when her crushbest friend came out not because she was ashamed of her or disgusted but because she loved her and she could ether punch the kid that yelled "gayness it wrong" or walk away she chose the later because her friend doesn't love her back and she needs her to really love her before she'll put herself in danger.
i am the girl who wasn't afraid to come out to her friends but spends her home life locked up in her room to scared to speak encase she slips up.
i am the girl who failed P.E because she’s scared of staring at the girls in the showers.
i am the girl who is the guys "gay best friend" but often wishes she could wear swimming trunks in the pool and grow a beard;
i want to be guy too.
i am the girl who was outed to a teacher by her supposed friend the teachers response was "yes that does make her wrong".
i am the "dyke" in the Christian high school.}- Anonymous User

{I am the girl admired by half her year, loathed by the other half. I am the girl who answers their questions over and over to prove to them that she is not ashamed!

...I am the girl who is talked about behind her back, who is given looks from all around every time someone mentions homosexuality. I am the girl who was landed in counseling because she doesn't know who she is anymore, who desperately fears that the rumours will trickle down the years to her sister and her friends, and that her homophobic parents will somehow find out.

I am the girl dumped by the only person she has ever loved, and left with nothing but the ongoing stigma to remember her by.

I want to be the girl to make you see reason and give people like me the rights we deserve.}-Kurissyma

{i am a bi-sexual boy,with a gay uncle and a gay aunt, who is to scared to tell his friends but mostly his dad that he is bi-sexual.}-macdizl

I am the mother who is not allowed to even visit the children I
bore, nursed, and raised. The court says I am an unfit mother
because I now live with another woman.

{I am the girl who hides under lies just to feel that she belongs.

I am the girl that lost her two best friends because they were gay as well.

I am the girl that spent heart breaking nights holding her gay cousin until he cried himself to sleep. } -MinionK

{I am the girl who lost her best friend because she found out she had a crush on her.

I am the kid whose own parents told her that she was going to hell.

I am the girl who gets in trouble with her parents for wearing a rainbow colored belt and hanging a poster of Freddie Mercury on her wall.}- kuroi-nekochan

{I am the girl who is transgender but is afraid to tell her parents for fear of how they would respond.}-shadow9099

I am the domestic-violence survivor who found the support system
grow suddenly cold and distant when they found out my abusive
partner is also a woman.

{i am the straight guy who, after reading the whole darn thing, more strongly than ever, believes that homophobia, hate crimes, etc. are completely irrational}- Nin-jueTheKirin

{I am the Gay male, who was slammed against a wall so hard his lower lip was cookie-cuttered off by his teeth and was taken out of school because he asked his mom why he liked other boys, at age 12.
I am the one who bears scars from stab wounds, from his parents,on his shoulder, arm, back, and chest.
I am the one who would not let himself be weak.
I am the one who fought, and hopes to use his experience to help others.}- DrAkOrAs

{I'm the transexual who must dress like the girl i know i am not, just to please my family.}- dementor88

{I am a straight Christian who is 100% supportive of Gay Rights. I happily say as a fun joke to people "You're so gay" (when I know that they too, share my views) because we feel that it IS NOT an insult. I never ever thought as a child that being gay was wrong, nor did I get any message from God that it was wrong. I am straight... for now. But if I ever meet a girl whom I have a crush on then the fact that I'm straight will not stop my feelings, I will happily turn Bi for her. I think that world needs to stop, and listen to love. I know so many GLB couples (obviously not all at once) and their love is beautiful. I know so many straight couples who's love is also beautiful. I hope... I hope that the narrow minded people can open up their minds to LOVE. I hope that one day, there won't be a word for Gay etc... I want there to be an infinite amount of feelings and emotions for love.}- Renos-fangirl247

I am the domestic-violence survivor who has no support system to
turn to because I am male.

{I am the girl who sits up all night crying because her mother could never love a lesbian.

I am the girl who walks through the halls getting told to kill myself because being a lesbian is "not right".

I am the girl who tried to kill herself because her mother told her she is worth nothing any more and needs help.}- amyxcore

{I am the girl who first realized that she was a freak when she realized that lesbians are a minority.
I am the girl who cannot come out to her school because she's afraid of being lynched.
I am the girl who will die alone because I have no beloved.}- MochaCocaFan

{I am the girl who is afraid to go home from college on break because thats when I have to start lying again.}-Kumabee

{I am the lesbian who has to lie about half of her life to my family because they are Catholic and won't let me into their houses if they found out...}- AudieFace

{I'm the girl who thinks I'm bi-curious, but to afraid to talk to anyone about it, since I could lose the people I love...}- superHyperjellyBean

I am the father who has never hugged his son because I grew up
afraid to show affection to other men.

{I am a girl with a lesbian mother. Who when her mother came out to her said "It's all just love ain't it?"
I am a girl, who because I am friends with every single gay/lesbian person at the school, also gets called a lesbian.
I am the girl who is in Love with one of those lesbian friends,though she is in Love with another girl who doesn't accept her.
I am the girl, that isn't afraid to come out to my family or my friends, I am a girl who is afraid of herself.
I am the girl who gets yelled at daily for being a lesbian.
I am the girl the teachers ask to leave the room.
I am afraid.}- pianos-song

{I'm the girl who let the only person she loved, marry someone else because she's afraid of Hell.}Ataia-ue

{I am the person who feels guilty because I think I could be a much better person if I didn't have to always deal with society hating me.} - cranberrymelon
{Cranberrymelon says: I am a person who knows that saying a girl isn't enough to describe what's inside.

I am the one who's parents think that her life would be a win-win if she was bisexual because then she could marry some rich guy and still 'screw around' with other girls.

I am not someone thinking that this is the best that I can be. I now know how much better things in my life can be, but mostly because I live in another state as my parents.

I am and

I am not.

I am the one who tells even others in her queer community that there is more than being bi, gay, or a lesbian.

I am who doesn't need a hug after every bad memory or situation. I am the one who explains and translates the feelings inside of our group of people who wants to listen.

I am one of the many hoping for New York to pull through before I turn twenty.}

{im the guy who when he came out to his friends, they accepted me, but when to my parents had them say they love me, but that they dont want me to bring any boyfriend i have around. im the guy who lives in a narrow minded town and goes to a Highschool where im one of the few who is open enough for a relationship. i never know where to look or who i could even remotly think of as anything more then a friend. im the guy who gets his hopes up only to always have them shattered and in the end im alone still, friends that can do little more then tell me that it sucks and try and cheer me up. i never have a special someone, i sometimes wish i was just straight, i could look at girls and have girlfriends rather then tell them im not interested or that i dont like them that way. im so sick of being alone. but what can i do ? if i be anymore open ill get treated like a freak and outcast by the world. so i stay quiet and i remain alone all out of fear of what could happen if i do anything more to try and find someone.}- chaose04

{i am the guy who's different, proud of it, and sick of the hate"}- Wildspin
{I am the girl who feels safe enough to be who I am because I have a mother who is willing to stand up for everything I believe in. Gay Pride 4 Eva <3}- Aeslya

{I am the girl with a hole in her heart that grows deeper everytime she hears how wrong it is for her to fall in love,the girl living a lie}anime-fan-lover

{I'm the dyke who can't get a girlfriend because in my town everyone is scared and hiding, and I couldn't live my life as a lie.

I'm the dyke who got attacked on the way home from school because wearing a Pride t-shirt.

I'm the dyke who got told by my grandmother that I should "keep my mouth shut, or the neighbours will think I'm gay".

I'm the dyke who tried to start a GSA-like group in her school and almost got kicked out by the vice-director.

I'm the blogger who got threatened with expellation from school because of an outraged post about LGBT discrimination.

I'm the dyke who fell in love with her best friend and the girl suddenly disappeared from her buddy list when she confessed.

I'm the person you can believe when I say being an autistic dyke is a deadly serious thing and harder than most of you straight-and-normal people could imagine.}- LilianMarvolo

{i'm the bi girl who asked her mom to let her get her hair cut short but was told it might "attract those freaky girls" I did it anyways when I moved in with my dad.

i'm the bi girl that gets stared at by her mom when she buys rainbow colored things. Her dad who doesn't know says "that's so you. you've always loved rainbows"

i'm the girl that had a chance to confess to her mom when she saw 'bi' under her myspace profile, but chickened out cause she was scared. i told her someone must have hacked my account.

i'm the girl who discovered she was bi when she got a crush on her friend, confessed to her but dropped it cause her crush liked another girl.

i'm the girl that helps her first crush with other girls....even though i still kinda like her.}- artsablast

I am the home-economics teacher who always wanted to teach gym until
someone told me that only lesbians do that.

{I am the boy whose parents screwed him out of going to college because they didn't want him moving away with his boyfriend.}-Frogg3862

{I am the girl who lost her best friend because she found out she had a crush on her.}-blackRabbit4

{I am the bi-sexual girl beaten by her own brother all because I have a girlfriend.
I am the girl being forced to transfer school districts because apparently Christians (which i am) do not accept "my kind".
I am the girl afraid to be kicked out of her homophobic family only for telling the truth.}- little-miss-anime

{I am the boy whose yaoi-loving friend rejected him when he told her he was gay

I am the boy who has lost his way

I am the boy who is holding the knife

I am the boy who is taking his life}- 8220662

{Am the girl who have a gay/lesbian friend and is Proud of he/she}- calisotalatina

{I'm a lesbian, that my own mother told me that she would accept me even if i was a lesbian and after i told her i ended up in a fight with her, and treated differently after that.
I am a lesbian, Whose mother told her: so now we go for guys only ayy? after i told her i broke up with my girlfriend.
I am a lesbian,that is afraid to tell the rest of my family the truth, cuz my dad thinks being gay or lesbian is wrong and makes fun of them.
I'm a lesbian who wonders: who will love me when my own mother won't?(even tho she wont admit it)~Eli~}- Bathory1431

{I''m the girl who was ready to tell my friends when they started talking about how unnatural and disgusting being gay is.}-squintsquad

{i am the girl crying at the hate in this world and afraid to tell my homophobic dad im bi... pressured by my mom to be a lesbian, cause according to her, it would be cool...
i am the girl in love with my best friend but afraid to tell her.
i am the girl who’s lost...}- jesu-zombie

{I am the girl who grew up thinking she would go to Hell if she was Lesbian and ended up blaming God because of it.

I am the girl who told her mother that she was lesbian and whose mother told her that she'd "Grow out of it."

I am the girl whose first crush was a religeous girl, lost that friend, but still love up to this day.

I am the girl who listens to her dad talk about, in the car, how wrong it is to be gay or lesbian and and cry quietly in the backseat.

I am the girl who lies everyday so she doesn't need to cry.}- Kirii

{So I'm the straight girl that loves her gay/ lesbian friends and believes that being bisexual just doubles your chances at finding love : ) }-Chloeatspinach

{I'm the girl who is a boy inside but is too scared to confide in her family and friends in fear of being told 'It's just a phase' or 'A silly fantasy'.}-RamokRew

{I'm the girl with the hypocritical mother who says "Oh I don't think your being bi matters" but then turns around and doesn't want to express my sexuality publicly.
I am the girl who continuously has to deal with criticism every day from her moms boyfriend because he can't handle the fact that I am stronger as a person then he is fo going through what I have.
I'm the girl that has almost been killed twice for being truthful.
I am the girl that had to start carrying a metal pipe in her back-pack so she wouldn't get beat up.
I am the girl who was terrified to tell my dad I was bi because he would continuously make "Gay Jokes"
I am the girl who can't get a date because those whom I fall in love with are either straight girls, girls/boys that rip my heart out, our guys that mistake being Bi for being a lesbian. (it's a curse)
I'm the girl who is STILL wishing there was a little bit more tolerance for those of different orientations in both her country and the world.}- Bugsey58

{im the girl everyone looks upon as strong and happy, but i cry myself to sleep every night because im to afraid to tell anyone the truth...}- Mistress-of-Manga

{I'm the straight/bi curious girl that has a bi mother that is afraid to come out to the world because she is afraid she won't get coustody of me and my siblings, even though we are verbally abused by my grandparents at my fathers home.

I'm the straight/bi sexual girl that can't say anything about it because "I'm just a teenager and its just a phase".}- comatoselove

{I'm the girl no one knows about
I'm the girl who calls herself Damned
I'm the girl who came out to her mother and was asked "How do you know?"
I'm the girl who has homophobic friends but is dying to come out to them
I'm the girl who is in love with two of her friends
I'm the girl who was told not to tell anyone
I'm the girl who's always alone
I'm the girl still in hiding
I'm the girl who wants to be loved}-xSpicaX

{I am a lesbian who is in love with her best friend, but doesn't know how to tell her. I am a lesbian who has a lesbian friend that came out of the closet and is shunned, but I get to live in relative peace. I am a lesbian that was abused by her grandmother when I was younger, and made almost asexual. I am a lesbian and proud ^^}-otakunoodles

{I'm the girl that gets called a 'dirty lesbian' on the school bus, and everyone laughs.
I'm the girl whose rainbow wristband makes people back away.}- dolphin64575

{I am a bi-sexual girl who has accepting parents. But when I bought a shirt that said "Lez B Friends", and it had a picture of two girls holding hands, my mother got angry and said, "Do you want people thinking you're a lesbian?" Now I'm not sure if I want to tell anyone anymore...}- hopelessheart330

I am the woman who died when the EMT's stopped treating me as soon
as they realized I was transsexual.

{I am the girl who is in love with a boy, but doesn't think that it should matter what genitalia are attached. I love him for who he is, not *what* he is.
I am an Ally.}- Sunrise-starburn

{I am the girl who is not out of the closet and sits in class listening to others call the people who are dykes and fags, and who were her best friends until her mother found out and 'spoke' to her about not making friends with 'those kinds of people.')- maus09

{I'm a lesbian Wiccan, brought up in a straight, Christian family. I was taught to hate no one, that skin color doesn't matter, and that God loves everyone. I told my dad that I was lesbian and he was fine with it, and so was my mom. Most of my family and friends were happy that I was brave enough to come out, but there were a few. A few friends started bullying me, and some of my family started rejecting me. My aunt was the worst though; when she found out she yelled at me for almost an hour, then she denied me any rights to being near her house. She's a pure Christian.

After I left I was crying, because she loved me all of my past, told me she'd always be there for me, that no matter what I was always welcome with her. That no matter what I grew up to be, she'd cheer me on, and she just deserted me.

Now I'm dating a girl named Taylor who's amazing and I've moved on, but school is still hell.

I can't walk down the hallway without getting called names, people throwing stuff at me, or getting pushed. Half of my teachers hate me because of it, and also most kids in school pick on me no matter what I do... I've tried suicide once... I obviously failed...}- jeremieishot1121

{i'm the girl that has her parents make fun of bisexuals and gays and are way to afraid to tell them"}- lid009

{I am the boy who has to imagine a man at his side to fall asleep at night.

I am the boy who is constantly reminded that what he feels is wrong.

I am the boy, who, in my homeland, can be hung for what I feel.}-Kody-Boye

{“I am a bisexual female who thinks it shouldn’t matter what your soul mate looks like. It’s love. Everyday I hope my family will open their eyes to that. And everyday they disappoint me. Someday I would like to tell my family who I am knowing that’s a monster in their eyes. Someday I would like to find love with another women knowing that the love I give out will be returned with hate and hoping we can pull through it. That we can smile more then shedding tears. But right now I can‘t smile. It hurts to much.”}- 9tailedfox

{I am the teenage girl who thinks that she is pan sexual.
I am the girl who asked her parents if she could date a girl out of respect for their parenting.
I am the girl who had her step mother tell her that she would end up dead in a stream somewhere.
I am the girl who was told by her parents that girls don't wear other girls rings around their necks
I am the girl forced to leave another girl that I loved because they threatened to tell her abusive mother that she was gay.
All to get me to stop going out with her.
I am the girl whom loves girls but has a boyfriend who doesn't treat her right because she is afraid that she might be a lesbian instead.
I am the girl who has no clue
I am the girl who loves the rainbow community and gets looked at weird for it.
I am the teen who has to watch her asian lesbian friend supress herself because she doesn't want to disrespect or dissappoint her parents.
I am just a girl....}- HatrasLover

{I'm the bisexual girl who is happily married to a wonderful man, with a beautiful son.}- gugibufugi

{I'm lesbian and live in an home where more then half of the people are "Homosexuals are the children of Satan"-believing so I can connect in some level to what was written in the deviation.}-TTRAnimus

{I'm a pansexual (no specific religion) girl with a gay Atheist girlfriend that not a soul in my family knows about. The family that is intolerant. It breaks my heart. <Z3}-BloodyAngel21
{I'm a domestic-violence survivor who is tortured every day at school and has lots tens of friends just because I'm a lesbian.}-Lezblackcat

I am the person who feels guilty because I think I could be a much
better person if I didn't have to always deal with society hating

{I am the transgendered person who almost broke down and started crying when my friends started talking about what the best way to exterminate the "fags" would be.}-apocalypsenow6661313

{I Am the bisexual girl who gets beaten by her class mates on a daily basis.}- sasu-naru-luver

{I am the girl who wasn't allowed to join the girl scouts because her mom was gay

I am the girl who has to listen to her mom comment on how cute a chick is every time she see's one on the tv.

I am the girl who loves all her gay/straight mates... but wishes her lesbian friend would stop trying to hook up with her *le sigh*}- lilpixi

{I am a Gay Teen forced top choose between really fun youth group and being me, because it is run through the catholic church. I also can't be me for fear that I wont be able to attend WYD 2011, even though I have already put in so much time, effort and money i could still be kicked out any day.}- black3and0white9art3

{I am the girl who is scared to come out to her parents -they might not believe her because she is only 13}- Pairyx

I am the man who stopped attending church, not because I don't
believe, but because they closed their doors to my kind.

{I am the outcast girl who has suddenly been overrun by people walking up to me to confirm the rumors.}-RFZT

{I am the gay boy, who confided in one "friend", and is now hated by everyone else because she wasn't able to keep a secret.
I am the kid who is hated by everyone, yet still tries to stay happy. Little does anyone know that I'm dead inside.}- trevorelder

{I am the girlfriend who watches her beloved one struggle every day with the question of whether to tell her parents about me, paralyzed by the knowledge that they will never approve.

I am the girl who doesn't are about labels anymore, and refuses to take any of them.

I am the girl who smiles and laughs with my close friends everyday, but has to keep a secret from them what I want to be shouting from the rooftops, all because they listen when their religion says that two women should not love each other.}- Deku-Baka

{I am the girl whose mother doesn't belive I'm bisexual because I haven't had experiance with anything and that I'm too young to make this conclusion....but I wish my mother hated me more than not believing me.}-ScarTheWolf013

{"I am the daughter of two gay fathers that will never see each other again."}- Yesterday-Fairy

{I am the lesbian who sat at the lunch table, full of rage, when the only friend I came out harassed me for many months, claiming he was "joking", even though I told him it hurt. He always claimed, "It's only a choice for girls." and many more offensive statements.}-Zombizlawlz

{I'm a girl who never understood the difference between men and women.
I'm a girl who didn't get why people were confined to loving one gender or the other.
I'm a girl who was raised by open, accepting parents but is still terrified of telling them that I'm pansexual.
I'm a girl who has been lucky enough to have understanding, loving friends.
I'm a girl who's best friend is flattered that she loves her, even if she is herself straight.
I'm one of the lucky stories, that wishes everyone could lead such a life.}-TrystOfLyfe

{I am the confused child who saw the face of the girl she loved in her mind as she stood on the railing above that frozen lake. I am the girl that had to sit and listen to her crush read the love poem that she had written aloud to the rest of the class in a a mocking voice while they called it "creepy" "stalkerish" "perverted".

I am the girl that learned to flaunt her pride with t-shirts and jewelry after she realized that loving herself was more important than getting the love of those hateful people.}- SioVampire

{I'm the girl/boy who can't make up her/his mind about who s/he is and can't confide in anyone because her/his family is full of homophobes and "normal" people.}- WrathWings
iWrathWings says: I still haven't told anyone because my mother and father were watching a movie and I saw the look on my father's face when a commercial for transexual people came on the screen.
But I'm still strong because I know I'm not alone. My friends will always have my back. No matter what.}</i>

{I am the person who wants to be known not as a 'woman' but as a human being, neither one nor the other. People don't get that.

I am the person who gets random people trying to 'convert' hir (<-- gender-neutral pronoun!) to falling for them even though they themselves aren't serious about it themselves just because they've heard xie's asexual.

I am the person who desperately wishes there were better gender-neutral pronouns in our language that don't sound like they're from outer space. Dammit. >.<}- BluebellBlood

{"I am the girl whose grandmother told her that if she was gay, she'd beat her. In front of church."} –Rockpapsii

{I am the bi-sexual girl who is afraid to tell her best friend she loves her, for fear of the worlds concequences.}- Toshiyuri-chan

{I am the lesbian who can't be with the one she loves because the other girl's parents don't want that kind of "blemish" on their family.}- Kano-Arina

{I'm the lesbian... who plucked up the courage to tell her parents, only to find herself scoffed at, told to be going through a phase, told be making things up, to be lying. I'm the lesbian that was told it was okay by her mother, but whose father hasn't been able to look at with kind eyes since... it's been 3 years now.}- xtheSoundofWhitex

{i am the straight girl who has to listen to her best friend being called a faggot daily.}- xxShadowLunaxx

{I am the boy, no longer afraid, and no longer confused
I am the boy whose mother is the only one left that doesn't know
I am the boy who will remain strong no matter the outcome
Because I am the boy who is loved by another boy}-AriezFire

{'m the bisexual-going-on-lesbian girl who loves all her brothers and sisters and wants them to know that we're strong, we're perfect, and we're not alone.}- StaircaseWit

{I'm a lesbian who lost her mother at the age of 8, hates her step-mother, and fears coming out to her father, who is not only homophobic, but racist. My most successful relationship only lasted 2 months, but made me the happiest. It was with a bisexual and mulatto girl who is still my best friend. I wonder each day what would happen if I did come out to my father, but with the fear of losing his trust, I've hidden myself for the past 3 years.}- NicoleVanDort

{i am the girl who asked her principal for a club application for an LGBT club, then saw a look of genuine disgust and hate cross his eyes.}- robot-factory

{I'm the girl who got ganged up on and yelled at by my classmates just for being bisexual.}- gubgub434

{I am a girl who told her mom at 11:46 on New Years Eve that I was gay hoping to start the new year out with the truth so I no longer had to hide. My 2009 year began with the tears of rejection after my mothers reply was 'better start praying to Jesus'} Resue-Is-Possible

{i am the boy that has to lie to his family , to his friends, to everyone cause they will hate me .

i am the boy that his father told him that gays are unatural beings and they molest kids.

i am the boy is that is so confused because of this society

i am the boy that will die in 9 years and i havent even discovered myself

i am the boy that fears his father

i am the boy....

i am the boy....

i am the boy....

i am the boy.... that decided this world is rotten

i am the boy.... that cant watch anymore people pushing around other people

i am the boy.... i am the boy that had enough

i am the boy.... that will do something about it because i cant stand it anymore . i cant stand that feeling of emptiness in my heart i gigantic void that is growing

you bet your ass that the boy has kept his mouth closed for a long time

but no more}- kiradante

{I'm the girl who got ganged up on and yelled at by my classmates just for being bisexual.}- KodiLuvzYoo

{I am a bisexual female who thinks it shouldn’t matter what your soul mate looks like. It’s love. Everyday I hope my family will open their eyes to that. And everyday they disappoint me. Someday I would like to tell my family who I am knowing that’s a monster in their eyes. Someday I would like to find love with another women knowing that the love I give out will be returned with hate and hoping we can pull through it. That we can smile more then shedding tears. But right now I can‘t smile. It hurts to much.}- 9tailedfox

{I am the girl who told her mother with complete confidence that I was a lesbian, and that confidence was soon ruined leaving me alone, what has this world come to?

I am the lesbian who no longer knows where she will sleep at night.

I am the girl who when asked, 'What's it like to be a lesbian?' replies with, 'What's it like to be straight?'}- stupid-bitch

{I'm the dyke, who fell in love with her best friend, Told her how I felt through a note on DeviantArt, and ended up saving her life, because she now feels loved.
I'm the dyke, who her best friends mother wont let her hang out with me alone because I am gay.
I am the Dyke, who never thought i'd fall for someone as hard as I have...and now that I have, I can't show it in public.
I am the Dyke, who is afraid to come out, due to what horrendous things people might say to me.
I am the Dyke who Got called a fire crotch faggot who is really gay and fugly, out of nowhere.
I am the Dyke, who gets hurt by the smallest comment immaginable.
I am a Dyke.
I'm a regular person.
I want to be treated the same way as everyone else...}-larkizzle71

{I am the girl whose best friend in the world was beat to death because he was gay, one month after he got engaged to the boy of his dreams.}-amhprincess

{i'm a gay girl who, even though she knows her family knows and still loves her, wants to scream "No!" whenever anyone asks her "Are you gay?"}-SavorSabril

{i am the girl who is scared to talk with anyone about it
i am the girl who is scared to go to her church in fear of being shunned
i am the girl who does not want to lose her friends because they think shes "weird"
i am the girl that is bi but tries to hide}-artysanniegirl

{I'm the girl who is afraid of telling her family she is bi and has a crush on a girl, not for fear of violence but of constant questions that I can get especially when I came out as an atheist.}-paradisekisses

I am the person who has to hide what this world needs most... LOVE!

{I am the loner who seemingly ignores the rumors, even though they cut deeper than anything.
They can take me away, they can force me to live with my abusive dad, they can do everything they can to me, but my bond with her will not be broken. Because I am the girl who refuses to give up because she knows there's a better life ahead.}-Lonewolfess

{Lonewolfess says: As my sweetheart said, things have gotten better. We don't hear as many people at school on our backs since we started openly admitting it. Heck, a few of the people who used to harrass bookfairy on the bus even apologized and her /brother/ stood up for her once. Only thing that really hurt recently...I finally admitted it to thoughs nosy idiots in art that I was with a girl and straightened out the rumors. I dunno how it happened but apparently the news got down to my brother's grade (fifth) and since some of his friends know me, they started getting on his case. Then my parents, the ones who always told me not to care what others think, pretty much told me I was an embarressment and that I shouldn't "brodcast family issues". Family issues my foot...My parents and my bro are the only ones in my family that know, and now even my mom is trying to tell me I shouldn't "brodcast" it. Even though there's a pattern at my school. If you give the impression that you care what people think and deny it, they're gonna rag you about it. If you just say "Yeah i'm with her. What of it?" They leave you alone and actually start respecting you a little more. There's just no way out of it. But i'll live through it if it means keeping my beloved bookfairy.}
{Lonewolfess says: Update: It seems my mom has become a bit more accepting of who I am, but my dad isn't and I recently found out my own brother is a raving homophobic who talks often about beating up people for being gay...He even said he'd walk away from his best friend forever if he ever found out he was gay...I can't wait to get out of here!
I am the lesbian who doesn't give a damn what people think of her, yet has to care what her parents think because they still run my life.
I am the lesbian who wants nothing more than to see her beloved but can't because her parents constently make up excuses why she can't go.
I am the lesbian who actually speaks up when someone uses "that's so gay" as an insult.
I am the lesbian who uses gay/les characters in her stories like any normal couple.
I am the lesbian who can be herself at school and with her friends, but has to hide at home.}

{I'm the girl who can't be myself because I'm scared I'll be shunned by my family and my friends.
"I'm the girl who lost the one she loved the most because her family wouldn't let me see her."

"I'm the bisexual girl going on lesbian who can't be honest with her family because they'll shun her in the end."
"If you can't love me for me, even if I'm lesbian, then you can't love me at all."}-bookfairy14

{Bookfairy14 says: Just update things have gotten better. Most of my friends and extended family (not blood related but still family) know about me and my girlfriend and suppport us. My mom is being diffucult still but I think it might be for different reasons than I thought.
Here's a new quote I thought of if you want to use it.
"Your life is what you make of it. So live life without regrets no matter what anyone says."}

I am the person ashamed to tell my own friends that I am a lesbian,
because they constantly make fun of them.

I am the boy tied to a fence, beaten to a bloody pulp and left to
die because two straight men wanted to "teach me a lesson"

**>Now you can think about all this. Maybe you'll change your mind, maybe you wont. Maybe you already support GLBT people. If you do YAY! Good for you! I give you a virtual hug and kiss(since I cant exactly reach someone from a computer screen. haha).

**>If you want to post your stories, please do so on my continuation deviation here: Gay Pride 2 This one has reached the character limit. More information will be added to Gay Pride 2, and please read it as well as this one.
Everyone and anyone has permission to use this deviation to spread awareness, so long as you credit me in your uses and tell me that you have used my deviation. All are welcome to use this. This is a deviation for the world!

By the way, THOSE OF YOU who have allowed me to put up your stories on this deviation, FEEL FREE to send me an update through comment or note. This is nice, because it gives people an idea of changes that may happen or be happening. Doesnt matter if it's good or bad, it's nice to know how you guys have been doing, because many people who read this can connect with what people have sent me.

Also, if anyone needs any information on coming out, good therapists, any other information on GLBT that isnt up here, or any advice at all, feel free to message/note me. Im pretty good at advice-giving and I will answer within a day or two, usually less. Feel free to ask me anything and I will answer you honestly and try as hard as I can to help.

*EDIT* I am putting up the things that others have added in their comments to me. Reread and look for yours!

*EDIT* 7/5/07 I added the stories of Matthew Shepard and Gwen Araujo to this deviation.

*EDIT* 1/6/08 I added the story of Pedro Zamora

*EDIT* 6/9/09 Wow I havent edited in a long time! I put up what states have legalized gay marriage, and that will be edited whenever more are added. I also put up a little about Prop 8 in California.

*EDIT* 6/22/09 I added more to the definitions of sexualities and genders and added more little tidbits of info.

*EDIT* 1/23/10 Added a list of Therapists and Psychologists in the US by state. [This list has been moved
here [link] to Gay Pride 2]

If you want to post your stories, please do so on my continuation deviation here: [link] This one has reached the character limit. More information will be added to Gay Pride 2, and please read it as well as this one.
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I am the girl who was told it was a phase and she was too young to know what love was when she told her mom. I and the girl who hears homophobic jokes everyday and laughs because she's afraid of them being directed toward her. I am the girl who lies alone at night tariffed of the next day, afraid she'l let something slip, scared she'l awncer too quickly when someone asks her if she's gay. I am the girl who doesn't know who she is.
Katt-Nip Featured By Owner May 1, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
yeah support gay people!!
that-lil-trans-boy Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015
I am a transgender father refuses treatment because he doesn't believe I know what I am..I have to wait 2 years and 20 days until I can at least get least I have the most supportive boyfriend in the world..
Skunkywaffles Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015  Student Artist
I am the boy who will not rest until all people of this world are seen as equals.
RingoStarrIsBae Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015
This gives me hope.
Ormspryde Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Gods help me, I know what it's like.
VocaLuver Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Student Artist
I am fine with people being gay/lesbian It makes me happy to know that people aren't afraid to show each other how much they all love each other. Even if it means some sicko is going to insult them! But...It's not called being gay....It's called being fabulous!!! PewDiePie - Wat Pewdiepie Poker Face xDD Pewdiepie Lick doe xD 
XPThemingfan Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Professional General Artist
How many words is that. It drags on..............................................................and on.............................................................................................................and on..................................................................................and on. Seriously it is called summarizing(a ding ding).
hay39996 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Student Writer
I love this and it is so true. I am the girl ho is afraid to tell my parents the truth because I know they will hat me after it
poetreble2002 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Student Writer
I have several gay friends that I support and completely adore. If someone, religious or not, says something like 'but gayz are sickos and dezerve 2 die!!111! I will personally bitch slap them. This article almost made me cry oh my god.
BellaRomatica Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014
This is so beautiful.. It even made me cry :'( this message should be placed somewhere for the entire world to see! 
LongCoolWomanInBlack Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013   Artist
I am transgender and Bi, being out is not the problem. It the lonliness which is hard.
Huskeygirl3 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Who knows what is good or bad?
flashtail101 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013
I am a christian, and I'm sorry for all the people the church has put down on. I believe we are wrong to speak for God, I mean, who are we to do that? He speaks for himself, and it mentions in the Bible several times He loves everyone. It never says 'God loves everyone except homosexuals.' ._.
Christians are now driving people AWAY from the church because they are pushing their beliefs in people's faces. If you are shouting "GOD HATES FAGS" at people, they are not going to be all "oh, you're right sorry. I think I'll become a christian and be straight." NO. That will only piss people off. (not all the church is like this, this is just a small portion. there are actually some really nice religious people out there who believe in gay rights and stuff ^.^)
YokaiTenshi95 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well I'm not supportive of them but I don't them either. You make a really good point for all the religious people out there, some more people should think that way :)
PASTALOVINGTURTLE Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
People keep telling me
"God hates homos so go die!"

And I keep thinking

"If god hates homos so much then why did he make them? For amusement of people being hurt EVERY DAY???"
shiinatheninja Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am a lesbian, that stood up in class to talk about gay rights and got beat up on the way home
I am a girl, that has to deal with teaches giving me funny looks because I wear a gay pride bracelet
I am a child, who everyone give a wide birth in fear of catching something
I am a PERSON, who's not allowed to be happy
FiggarowKai Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am the girl who has to deal with my family not treating me right.
I am the girl who wants it to all end
I am the girl who is about to write...
I am the girl who doesn't break but bend.
I am the girl who wants to be male
I am the girl who wants to sell
I am the girl who needs it done
I am the boy who is on the run.
xYukiiko Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is amazing, so glad that you took the time to write all this down and to look it all up, just to convinde everyone to understand.
Well done and thanks :happycry: :worship:
xYukiiko Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
distaction Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012
op is gay
RockNRollGal Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
:clap: Gay pride :heart:
PoliticalViolet Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012   General Artist
My signature says it all.
danajk701 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Actually asexual is having no sexual drive.

But god the transgendered story scared the crap out of me
bchippy Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012
scary, sorry
FragilePeace Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012
I just read a post on the Wipeout Homophobia Facebook page and this is basically what they posted (I can't seem to find the post right now, if I see it again I'll edit).

A guy has a boyfriend in a mental hospital. Guy goes to visit boyfriend. Nurse asks who he is. Guy says, "I'm his partner."

Nurse says, "Oh, like partners-in-crime?"

"No. He's my boyfriend," says the guy. Then the nurse goes nuts and starts screaming at him saying stuff like "that's inapropriate!", etc.... End result? The guy is no longer allowed to see his own boyfriend in the hospital! We are now calling the hospital and telling them that we do not appreciate homophobes in our country, especially in places where they are supposed to HELP people, NOT make them feel worse! I already called twice.

Here's the number! PLEASE CALL THEM! (732) 914-3800.
IPartyAnimal Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013
*Bitch slaps nurse*
BlackCatWhiteWolf Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012  Student General Artist
I love that page
SpaceManCrab Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
tl;dr FAGGOT go suk dix homos
Huskeygirl3 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I've seen babies spell better than you.I wish you could understand that that kind of bullying is a huge problem and people have been hiding almost all of their lives so they wouldn't get bullied about their sexuality.
Your probably a narcissistic fucker so let me get something straight,There's a object scale to what kind of person you are one side says your at small wealth or popularity, the other is high wealth and high popularity. You are currently on high but your to high you don't have the balance that a healthy being has.You are high to the point where you push others down to get higher on the scale (In this case the queer)When really your just at the bottom part as in most think you step out of your way to bully those who are different.What are you?!Afraid!?Afraid of those who are different!? You need to get that balance and fast!
Huskeygirl3 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Screw what I just said.Everything is just what they are events,no matter how you think of it.
TheOliveBranch Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012
You disgust me.
#1:Learn to be more excepting
#2:Clean up your spelling.Its simply horrid.
Oseltamivir Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
fhqAKJFIQjdijfkaj3u234jkf3#%$& oh look I just spoke better English than you did.

Huskeygirl3 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
bloodlover1 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
*like* **> In birth there's a fifty percent chance any individual will come out male or female. Why should I limit the person I chose to love to the outcome of a coin flip? (OpeeFomenom)
i really liked that comment, oh my goodness i started crying at all of that. i want to write one and put it on here. i mean i know its been 6 years by my goodness. I love it. especially since of the situation im in, it could help someone or open someones eyes.
Papillon-pourpre Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012
Good for you dear (: oh and pay no attention to the homophobes, they're just sore because their views are taken less seriously each day :L ps to anyone who quoted scripture- ^.- seriously? cough- garment of two fabrics- cough
Madnessofthewolf Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm straight but stand up when people joke about it because i was raised to not ridicule cause of some deference. I'm also the girl who knows what it's like to go through a living hell and try to kill yourself. i'm also the girl to where a necklace of rope she made around her neck, to remind herself she's not going back there. i support peoples love.
Romano--Greece Featured By Owner May 23, 2012  Student General Artist
im bi but i only told my closed friends wich 2 are bi and one has a lesbian mom so thanks for putting this up
cryoffate Featured By Owner May 22, 2012
I couldn't finish the way people treat people just like them is so wrong i maybe straight but i support all of my friends who prefer the same gender or both or anything as long as they choose to be themselves i am happy too be there friends all of them...i found a notice about 8 diffrent people all over the world who commited suicide around the same time and every year in october i wear purple for those lives needlessly wasted just becausev they prefered the same sex...
TeamAkatzuki Featured By Owner May 22, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Im a lesbian, but to damn afraid to tell anyone but a few close friends and i ligitamitaly(i cant spelll at all) Cried through this. I myself and attempted suicide 4+times and been in phyciatric facilities al because the things kids at school say, which they think is completly mindless words, which really hurt, and they dont even know im lez. It got to the point were im homeschooled because of how bad the anxiety was. hell, my parents think im bi and leaning toward boys for gods sake.
Huskeygirl3 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Please no more suicide!You are wonderful!
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